Business changing AI powered solutions for Financial Advisory firms 

Zenith One is an AI based solution that streamlines Financial Advisory firms’ processes delivering cost and time reductions of up to 80% whilst increasing their market opportunity fivefold.

It then enhances the advisors’ customer interaction behaviour by using its knowledge base and mathematical models to discover the investor’s goals and true financial challenges.

It considers the optimal solutions and selects the most appropriate streamlined process for the advisor to then cost effectively deliver advice.

Unlike Robo-Advisors Zenith One is a cognitive skills based technology. This means it can be ‘trained’ with new skills. It can be white labelled and customised to any financial advisory business model and advisory process.

It is fully compliant with the FCA September 2017 recommendations on Streamlined Advice and Fact find process and MiFID II.


Zenith has deep knowledge of the Financial Advisory industry coupled with machine learning and other technologies.

Jacek Wojcik


Krzysztof klein


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